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Quote1 Don't need no one. I do what I want, when I want, how I want... such are the merits of bein' a lone roach. Quote2
-- Yondu Udonta

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unidentified Aakon law enforcement agency (First appearance)
    • Deputy Dringus (First appearance)
    • Numerous unnamed others (First appearance)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

Yondu, lone Ravager and all-around scoundrel is about to hit the biggest pay day of his life when he stumbles upon a dangerous new weapon! But when this artifact turns out to be deadlier than he bargained for, will the reward outweigh the risk as Yondu finds himself targeted by a mysterious mercenary? Plus, when an unexpected visitor from the future turns up to stop Yondu, it begs the question: exactly how bad did he screw up?! Find out in this all-new miniseries from ZAC THOMPSON and LONNIE NADLER (AGE OF X-MAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ANNUAL) and JOHN MCCREA (Dead Eyes)!

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