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Yorkie Mitchell was a soldier in the British Army's elite Special Air Service before being recruited into MI6. During the Vietnam War, Yorkie was serving in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment on an exchange job; this is where he first met Frank Castle, as he too was serving in the SASR as an exchange officer. Mitchell saved Frank from being burned alive by the Viet Cong.

Years later, Yorkie assisted Castle with the help of Andy Lorimer to take down the four Irish Gangs in New York City. Yorkie was later stationed in Afghanistan, providing security for ex-Talibans who had turned informants to the Western coalition. He helped Castle again and subsequently lost his job when he released Kathryn O'Brien.

Yorkie was killed with his wife by Barracuda when they were tortured for information about Castle.[1]

Powers and Abilities




Yorkie was a highly capable soldier as a result of the many years he spent serving in the Special Air Service (often considered he best special forces unit in the world).

Physical Strength

Normal human strength


Yorkie was a normal human beings fully susceptible to a violent death via conventional means.



Some guns and knives


Many cars

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  1. Punisher Vol 6 #50
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