Whether you lived there or you were visiting, you were present in New York during the final incursion. While assisting the evacuation of a school, for which at least three kids owed you their lives, you were struck by falling masonry and knocked unconscious. However, you were rescued from under the rubble by Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

You were brought to a hospital and regained consciousness two minutes before the end of the world. The doctor who checked on you found nothing about you besides that you possessed a Mighty Avengers Identicard. While the doctor was telling you how you got there, you had flashes of memories of rubble falling on you and then Iron Fist reaching out to you while Luke Cage was lifting rubble behind him. The doctor congratulated your act of bravery, noting that while it was futile, fighting until the very end meant something.

The doctor subsequently showed you his own Identicard, and affirmed that in the end you all counted, stating he was proud of dying alongside you. He requested you to turn your head and look at the window, as the two Earths were close to colliding. The doctor asserted that you all were Avengers, but before he could finish the sentence, a bright flash of light took over, followed by nothingness.[1]


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