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Appearing in "The Mad Prince Shinto"

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Synopsis for "The Mad Prince Shinto"

On an island along the South Pacific, Japanese forces have been pushed back by the Americans to a small stretch of beach. One night they are greeted by Prince Shinto, who arrives with an army of loyal troops to help take back the island. Days later, American bases along the island are attacked by suicide bombers that American officials are soon shocked to find that their attackers are Japanese children. With no enemy survivors in any of the attacks, the American officials decide to use similar tactics to try and find the secret base of the enemy and call in the Young Allies.

When the Young Allies arrive, Bucky comes up with a plan to lure the Japanese suicide bombers out of hiding. Announcing their presence, they Young Allies send decoys into the jungle hoping that a traitor in one of the villages would inform the Japanese. Sure enough their plan plays out, however one of the native boys posing as Toro is gunned down while the young Japanese try to eliminate the threat of his flame. The other decoys are captured and when Prince Shinto realizes the ruse has them taken captive.

Horrified that a young boy was killed helping them out, the Young Allies resolve to stop Shinto and his minions before any more are killed. Toro is sent back to the American base while the other Young Allies continue after their attackers. Bucky and Knuckles go ahead, and allow themselves to be captured in order for the others to follow their enemies back to their secret hideout. The Young Allies ambush their captors and find Shinto's base where they find their decoys tied up in a pit filled with TNT. However as the Young Allies are freeing their decoys, Prince Shinto and his young minions surround the pit and take them prisoner.

Meanwhile, Toro is leading a group of American bombers toward the Japanese base. Seeing the Young Allies being pulled out of the pit by Shinto and his minions, Toro comes to their rescue. Freeing the Young Allies before the bombers drop their deadly payload. Chasing after Shinto and his young warriors, Toro flies around them until a stray bullet strikes a case of TNT they were carrying, causing a massive explosion that kills Shinto and the other Japanese. Later, the Young Allies are awarded a medal of bravery which they ask be given to the mother of the young boy who sacrificed his life for their victory.

Appearing in "Battle of the Giants"

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Synopsis for "Battle of the Giants"

While on a field trip at an art museum, Tommy Tyme becomes fascinated with the legend of Hercules and his battle with Antaeus the giant. When he and a classmate discuss their wish to have seen the fight, Tommy remembers his Clock of the Ages and uses it to travel to the land of Pyrhuss in ancient Greece. There he witnesses men carrying warriors slain in wrestling matches with Antaeus. Upon learning that innocent maidens are given to Anteaus in sacrifice for each victory, Tommy rushes off to rescue the two most recent sacrifices.

Tommy attacks Antaeus with his slingshot, blinding the giant in one eye, but is no match for the brute. However, Hercules suddenly arrives, prompting Antaeus to drop the boy and battle the demi-god. As Tommy watches the battle, he becomes more and more disheartened when Antaeus shows no sign of weakening. Then remembering his field trip, Tommy tips Hercules off to the source of Antaeus' strength: his connection to the ground. Hercules then lifts the giant off the ground until he is weak enough to defeat.

Returning to his own time, Tommy returns to class the next day and asks his teacher how Antaeus' weakness works. His teacher explains that Antaeus was the son of Terra, the Earth goddess, hence his connection with the ground.

Appearing in "Mystery of the Sacks of Death"

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Synopsis for "Mystery of the Sacks of Death"

The Young Allies come across a poster announcing a scrap paper drive for the war effort and decide to help out. As they collect paper from across town, Whitewash and Toro come across two large heavy sacks which appear to be filled with books. Suddenly a man named Shiv and his gang confront the boys and demand they leave the bags alone. When the men pull out knives and guns, Toro goes into action, surrounding them in flame while the other Young Allies escape.

Back at their club house, the Young Allies open the sacks and are shocked to find two dead bodies inside with the books. Deciding to deal with this discovery in their own way, the Young Allies set up a trap for the men that attacked them. With Bucky and Toro hiding in the sacks, Jeff, Tubby and Whitewash carry them back to the alley where they found them. They are spotted by Shiv and his men who take the boys hostage. They soon find out that Shiv and his gang are involved in counterfeiting ration coupons and that the two men were an FBI agent and a stoolie. Before Shiv and his goons can murder the three boys, Bucky and Toro burst out of the sacks and the crooks are easily rounded up and turned over to the authorities.

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