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Appearing in "Eeney, Meeny, Miny-Murder"

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Synopsis for "Eeney, Meeny, Miny-Murder"

The man who grew up to be Big Boy Bates was always childish, his first crime was stealing a lollypop from another boy at age ten. By age eighteen, still childish as ever he'd go onto purse snatching, by the time he was a full grown man he was a full on robber with a childish streak.

One day, the Young Allies are at a local amusement park where they ride the roller coaster. Suddenly the ride stops part way through and a gang of men start robbing the passengers. The Young Allies fight back, but the crooks manage to escape in the roller coaster by starting it up again, forcing the Young Allies to climb down from the coaster, losing their attackers. The gang return to the hideout of Big Boy Bates, who is disappointed by their lousy haul and decides to join his men in returning to the amusement park and eliminating the Young Allies.

Meanwhile, the boys have entered the haunted house where they are confronted by the gang once more, but Toro uses his flame to scare them off. Bucky, Whitewash and Tubby follow them into a nearby tent, the Young Allies are all knocked out and taken prisoner by Big Boy Bates. Bates then decides to load them up in a cannon used in a human cannonball performance. However, as the trio are shot out of the cannon they are rescued by Toro, Jeff and Knuckles. Although Bates and his gang manage to escape, a hole in Bate's bag of jelly beans allows the Young Allies to follow after them.

Bates and his gang next attack a nearby toy factory in order to rob it, but Bates begins playing with the toys, stalling the robbery long enough for the Allies to catch up. Despite this, the gang grabs their leader and they all escape on a tandem bike. Getting a bike of their own, the Allies go into hot pursuit of Bates and his gang. When they get close enough Toro flames on and uses his powers to force the gang to crash their bikes. When the Allies try to stop Bates and his men, Bates trips them up with his jelly beans and flees the scene, however he drops an advertisement for a kite flying contest that is offering a grand prize of $5000 for the best kite.

Hoping to trap Bates, the Young Allies enter the competition with a kite of their own. The gang is held back when Bates is too interested in his own kite flying until the grand prize winner is announced. When the Young Allies go to claim their award money, Bates and his men attack. However, this time the Young Allies gain the upper hand and easily best Bates and his gang and turn them over to the authorities.

Appearing in "The Fightin' Era"

Featured Characters:

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  • Unnammed old man

Other Characters:

  • Honest John O'Reilly (Mentioned)
  • Dumb Dan Blake (Mentioned)

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Synopsis for "The Fightin' Era"

Tommy Tyme is scrapping with some local kids and is accidentally knocked into an old man. The old man complains that when he was their age, children were more well behaved. Curious to learn if this is true or not, Tommy learns that the man is talking about the year 1860 and uses his Clock of the Ages to go back and time to see this "better time" first hand. When he arrives, he finds a group of kids scrapping and finds himself in caught up in their brawl but easily beats them senseless. Another old man approaches the boys and tells the same story about how when he was a kid children were more behaved. Learning that this old man was a child in 1790, Tommy uses his clock to go back in time further. This time he finds two frontier children arguing over who has to carry water back from the well. When Tommy tries to get in the middle of it, the girl punches him in the face, blacking his eye. Tommy then returns to his own time and confronts the old man, telling him that throughout the ages children never change. When the old man asks how he could know this, Tommy points out his black eye. The old man dismisses this, deciding to continue to believe in his skewed memory of the past while Tommy rejoins the scrap that he left.

Appearing in "The Mummy of Death"

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Synopsis for "The Mummy of Death"

A string of murders are committed across the country by an apparent mummy. When the story hits the newspapers and radio, the Young Allies soon learn about the most recent death out on River Road and decide to go and investigate. Searching the scene of the crime they find a note that has a cryptic message about the mummy, a laughing sphinx and a demon called Modebl. Finding the mummy's foot prints the Young Allies follow after him. Cornering the monster, he introduces himself as Karr, courtier of Modebl the demon. The creature attacks them but Toro's flame powers scare him off, and breaks free a sphinx necklace that the mummy was wearing.

Recovering it, Bucky shows it to the others and Jeff recalls a local doctor who is an expert on Egyptian translations who might be able to translate the inscriptions on the sphinx. Jeff writes down the inscriptions and he and Toro pay a visit to Doctor Lammon who tells them to bring the sphinx so he can provide a better translation. When the Young Allies all return to the museum, they are attacked by Karr the mummy once again. During the fight the mummy throws a knife at Bucky, but he is saved thanks to the fact that he was wearing the sphinx around his neck. After the mummy flees, the boys notice that he sword hit a switch that opened up the sphinx's mouth. inside is a potion and a note that tells that whoever drinks the potion inside that will give them the answers they seek. Sniffing the potion, Toro notes that it's a concentrated form of opium that will cause massive hallucinations

When they return to the clubhouse, they hear that the mummy had struck again and Toro, having developed a hunch tells the Allies to return to the museum. His hunch appears to be correct as the mummy appears. The Young Allies give him chase up a staircase, however, Karr trips over the edge and falls to his death. They unravel his bandages and reveal him to be Doctor Lammon. With the caper over with, Toro reveals that Lammon must be a lycanthrope that turns into a mummy at night and that he drank the potion, which drove him mad.


  • Although he is referred to as "Bucky Barnes" in this issue, due to the retcon from Captain America #215 the appearances here are attributed to Fred Davis Jr.
  • The plot to the story The Mummy of Death is almost identical to The Murdering Mummy and the Laughing Sphinx from Captain America Comics #25.

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