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Synopsis for "Attack on Alaska"

Bucky and Toro are playing catch on the streets of New York when they inadvertently bump into Japanese spy known as the Khan. The Khan is furious at being disrupted and blows his cover by attacking Bucky, who changes into his costume and summons the other Young Allies to come to his aid. After a brief scuffle, the Khan escapes when Toro begins using his flame to turn the odds in the Allies' favor. At his secret hideout, Khan sends one of his minions to report to their other hideout to tell his other men to prepare for their bid to take over the United States. This minion is spotted by the Young Allies, and he allows them to follow him back to Khan's hideout. Once there, the minion warns Khan of the Young Allies presence and the youths are easily captured and brought up to Khan's torture chamber.

Even though Toro has used up his flame for the time being the youths fight back until their backs are up against a ledge that leads to a river down below. Bucky orders the Allies to jump and they all pretend to have drowned, and overhear Khan talk about his plot to take over America by invading Alaska. They arrive too late to stop them from escaping in a car. With Toro too wet to fly after them, they borrow some horses and follow after the spies. The trail takes them to a rail yard where they learn from a conductor that Khan and his men boarded a train headed for Canada. The youths take the next train across the Canadian border, catching up with Khan and his men. With his flame totally rejuvenated, Toro uses it against the spies but Khan douses his flame with his asbestos lined cape. They flee into a nearby marsh believing the Allies would die if they followed them in. Bucky and Toro argue over going into the swamp, and Bucky tells the Allies to put it to a vote. Most vote for Bucky and they soon enter into the marsh despite Toro's reservations. They soon lose the spies due to the fact that Khan had a plane stashed in the marsh to fly the rest of the way to Alaska.

Lost in the marsh the Young Allies slog on as Toro berates Bucky for his poor decision making. They eventually get too hired and pass out in the swamps. But fortune smiles upon them and the group are picked up by a passing plane that takes them to a hospital in the Yukon. Coming around 24 hours later, they rush out of the hospital and buy the cheapest car they can find so they can drive the rest of the way to Alaska. Unfortunately for them, the used car salesman is an agent of Khan who alerts his master of the Young Allies continued pursuit. A group of Japanese soldiers attempt to stop the Young Allies, and they are forced to stop and fight them. Although the Allies give a good fight, they soon become overpowered when Toro exhausts his flame powers once again and they are taken prisoner. They are taken to Khan's secret underground aerodrome.

There, Khan has the youths tied to a wall and has a tank remotely piloted to smash into them. By this time Toro's flame replenishes itself and he breaks free and takes control of the tank. Khan and his minions leave the base in order to begin their invasion and the Young Allies follow after them in the tank. Rushing to the military camp nearby, Bucky and the Young Allies warn the soldiers of the coming Japanese attack. The Young Allies lend a hand in fighting off the coming air raid. When Toro's flame runs out again, the group rushes to an ammo depot to get guns. There they are confronted by Khan who gets them at gun point. Before the madman can fire the depot is hit by a missile and is blown up.

The Young Allies survive thanks to debris falling in the right place. Pulling themselves out of the wreckage they spot a secret tunnel opening up out of the ground. They keep the emerging Japanese soldiers at bay long enough for military soldiers to come and fight them back. When a machine gunner is shot dead, Bucky mans the gun and begins mowing down Japanese soldiers while Toro (his flame renewed once more) flies over the water and is shocked to see a fleet of Japanese ships heading toward the mainland. He uses his flame powers to write a massive SOS signal alerting American ships in the area to come and aid in fighting off the attack.

Khan has also survived the attack and runs to an unmanned cannon hoping to destroy American ships with their own weapons. Spotted by the Young Allies, Bucky jumps him and he is soon joined by his fellow Allies who also rush the Japanese spy, forcing off a cliff to his death. Soon after Khan's death the American soldiers succeed in fighting off their invaders. While Bucky and Toro bicker over their differences during the whole adventure they are met by General Peters, head of the north army. He tells thanks the boys for a job well done and when Bucky and Toro apologize for fighting in front of him, he tells them that all that matters is that when their country needed them most they were able to put aside their differences and work together.

Appearing in "Danger in the Dunes"

Featured Characters:

  • Dan (Only appearance)[1]


  • Jeff (Only appearance)[1]
  • Brown (Only appearance)[1]


Synopsis for "Danger in the Dunes"

A text story in which Dan, a cowboy riding his horse out in the sand dunes of New Mexico, sees a plane go down and crash in the dunes. Dan rides to the plane and helps the two men in the wreckage, one of whom has a broken arm that Dan splints. The two men introduce themselves as Brown and Jeff, and after chatting with Dan for a while they attempt to steal Dan's horse and leave Dan out in the sand dunes. Unfortunately for them, Dan's horse panics and runs away, causing Brown to go after it and leaving his partner Jeff with Dan at the plane. Jeff pulls a gun on Dan, but eventually Dan has an idea and tricks Jeff into thinking there is a rattlesnake behind him so that Dan can wrestle Jeff's gun away.

Dan ties Jeff up behind the plane and then looks inside the aircraft to find a group of large time bombs and a note indicating that the two aviators were going to blow up Coolidge Dam. With that knowledge, Dan waits until Brown returns to the plane on Dan's horse, and then Dan surprises Brown by threatening him with Jeff's gun. Dan ties up Brown and Jeff with a lasso, and drags them to town, where they are jailed by the sherrif.

Appearing in "Casey McKann: He Solves the Last Murder Mystery"

Featured Characters:


  • Mr. Ripper (Only appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "Casey McKann: He Solves the Last Murder Mystery"

A single page comic story in which bumbling investigator Casey McKann deduces that a murder was performed by his own police commissioner – who turns out to be a criminal disguised as the real commissioner.

Appearing in "Casey McKann: Don't Cross Your Bridgework Until It Bites You"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Casey McKann: Don't Cross Your Bridgework Until It Bites You"

A single page comic story in which bumbling investigator Casey McKann listens to a group of supposed hoodlums speaking about diamonds, hearts, and spades from behind a door. When Mcann bursts in, he finds out the people inside were only playing the card game Bridge!

Appearing in "Casey McKann: 'Killer Diller' Returns to the Pen in the Big House"

Featured Characters:


  • Killer Diller (Only appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "Casey McKann: 'Killer Diller' Returns to the Pen in the Big House"

A single page comic story in which the criminal Killer Diller writes a story about how the comedic investigator Casey McKann caught him, and as a result the police commissioner awards Diller a prize for their prison's "True Story Contest."

Appearing in "The Disappearing Diamonds"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "The Disappearing Diamonds"

Yo Janar, a known jewel thief is denied citizenship to the United States and a job working in defense. Embittered, Janar takes a job from a Japanese spy named Agent X. Soon a rash of thefts of black diamonds -- used for cutting parts for American war machines -- go missing, prompting Larry Scott to investigate as Father Time.

Staking out a newly opened tank manufacturing plant, Father Time spots Yo Janar and his men just as they succeeded in stealing the black diamonds from the plant. Chasing them, Father Time does not see Janar and one of his other men break off from the group. When he catches the others he is told of the switch up and tracks Janar and his accomplice inside the plant where the two hide out in a tank. Deciding to wait them out, Father Time hides out until Janar and his partner leave and follows them to their hideout.

There, he learns that Agent X is involved and attacks. Agent X summons his minions to attack, but Father Time knocks them out by throwing a massive gong at them. He then trips up and knocks out both Agent X and Yo Janar, then calls the authorities to tell them of the bust.

Appearing in "Casey McKann"

Featured Characters:


  • Counterfeiters

Synopsis for "Casey McKann"

A single page comic story in which the bumbling investigator Casey McKann successfully stops a group of counterfeiters.

Appearing in "Casey McKann: Square Gang Buster Busts Up Dope Ring"

Featured Characters:


  • Big Dope (Only appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "Casey McKann: Square Gang Buster Busts Up Dope Ring"

A single page comic story in which the bumbling investigator Casey McKann tails an ex-criminal named Big Dope as he is released from prison. McKann spies on Big Dope and eventually bursts into Dope's hideout to arrest him, only to find Big Dope not plotting a crime, but playing in a band instead.

Appearing in "The Story of an American Hero..."

Featured Characters:

  • Captain Collin Kelly (Only appearance; dies)[1]


Synopsis for "The Story of an American Hero..."

Captain Colin P. Kelly joined the air force and began training at Randolf Field Texas in 1940. Rising in rank to Captain, by 1940 he was stationed at Hickam Field in Hawaii where he trained pilots to fly B-17's. After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, he would be one of the first American fleets sent out to lead the counter attack. In a B-17 he would engage the Japanese battleship Haruna. Knowing the fight would end in the destruction of his ship, he would order his crew to abandon ship then nobly sacrifice his life crashing the bomber into the Haruna, it's payload of explosives destroying the entire ship. Kelly sacrificed his life so that others might live free.


Continuity Notes

  • Since Young Allies Comics is an in-universe comic book on Earth-616, the events of this comic's main story are likely to have never happened, or they happened in a very different way.[2]

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