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Appearing in "North Africa Ahoy"

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Synopsis for "North Africa Ahoy"

Jeff and the Young Allies are invited to the unveiling of a new desert bomber that is being developed from designs of Jeff's own makings. However, at the gala, Nazi agents storm the stage taking the Young Allies hostage and stealing the bomber. They flee, and the United States Air Force is forced to stand back as the boys are kept hostage. With gas running low, the Nazis plan to land in Africa to refuel before continuing on to Germany to examine the bomber. Along the way they spot an Allied invasion fleet headed for Algiers and are about to radio it in when the Young Allies attack, forcing the Nazis to fight back. A stray bullet strikes the gas tank causing the fuel to leak out faster. With the plan running out of fuel, the Nazis are forced to land where the Young Allies easily get the drop on them and flee into the desert toward Algiers.

Along the way they are captured by a tribe of nomads who take a liking to both Whitewash and Tubby. The Allies use this to their advantage and convince the leader of the nomads to let them ride a camel. They set loose all their horses and damage their supplies and use the camel to ride the rest of the way to Algiers. There they are faced with more Nazis and are forced to flee into a movie theatre in order to avoid getting arrested. Their cover is blown when they heckle film reel about Hitler and punch out a Nazi soldier sieg heiling to it. They flee the authorities once more and manage to loose them in a throng of praying Muslims and find refuge in a Casba.

There they meet an American who is a member of the Free French Resistance and they inform him of the Allied invasion fleet along the way. He tells his superiors. However one is a Nazi spy, who takes control of the radio broadcasting tower and orders the resistance fighters to stand down leaving the Allies to fight the Nazis alone. The Young Allies storm the radio building and beat the Nazis, however Knuckles foolishly shoots the radio, destroying the microphone. The Young Allies then storm the resistance's headquarters and beat the Nazis there, freeing the commanding officer and sending him back to the radio station with a new microphone where Tubby and Jeff are waiting. With the radio back in commission, the Young Allies lead the counter attack and assist the Allies in taking Algiers.

Appearing in "The Spirit of '76"

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Synopsis for "The Spirit of '76"

Caught in a lightning storm, Tommy Tyme decides to use his Clock of the Ages to travel back in time to a sunnier day. He picks the era of the American Revolution since he is studying it in class. However, his time travelling does not get him out of the rain, but does land him during a monumental historical moment: The day Benjamin Franklin conducts his experiment on electricity. After the experiment is a success, Franklin offers to show Tommy his other inventions. When showing the boy a prototype butter churning device, Tommy points out that it would make better use for washing clothes.

Suddenly, American troops visit Franklin and ask him to write up the Declaration of Independence as the British are invading. Inspired by this, Tommy asks to join the fight and Franklin gives him a horse to ride. Tommy rides out to the battle field where he finds the single load rifle that he is using too time consuming. He uses his slingshot to war off the British invaders with great success, forcing them to flee. Tommy is then brought to another battle front where he is asked to provide strategy as they are low on ammunition. Tommy explains that he cannot shoot them with his sling shot until he sees the whites of their eyes, inspiring the army to take on this advice when firing their rifles. Having inspired the men to victory, Tommy's clock sends him back to the present.

Later in class, Tommy is able to answer his teachers questions about Benjamin Franklin.

Appearing in "Terror of the Rising Sun"

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Synopsis for "Terror of the Rising Sun"

Jeff has been offered a position to assist Dr. Carstairs and he needs help moving his lab. Bucky and Tubby agree to help while the other Young Allies go to the nearby airfield to work on air planes. As Jeff and the others work in the lab, Jeff shows up Carstairs' latest invention: a machine that tests explosives. Suddenly, they hear Carstairs scream and find him murdered, and spot a Japanese agent named the Whip fleeing the scene with plans for the device. Bucky calls ahead to Toro and the others at the air field and they all manage to pile into a plane before the Whip can take off in it. However, the Whip warns them that if any of them try to stop him he will force the plane to crash.

The Young Allies hold back until a escort of Japanese fighters being leading the plane to Tokyo. The Young Allies then uses the planes guns to shoot down as many fighters as they can, until the Whip tries to stop them. The Allies manage to best him and take control of the plane. However, as they pass over Tokyo they are shot down and crash. Recovering the plans, the Young Allies are forced to flee against impossible odds of Japanese soldiers. They lay low by knocking out rickshaw drivers and posing as them. When the Whip makes the mistake of taking a rickshaw to hunt the Allies down they dump him in a river. This proves to be only a minor victory as they are soon captured by the Japanese army and put in a jail cell where they have to fight off spiders and snakes.

The Whipe takes the attaché he believes contains the plans to Emperor Hirohito but they find that it is empty. They go down to the dungeon to search the boys for the plans but they manage to keep it away by exchanging it between each member as they are being searched. When a search fails, they take Tubby and put him in a device that is a mix between the Iron Maiden and the electric chair and use electrical shocks to get him to talk. However, before he does Toro breaks the others out of their cell and they free Tubby. During the course of the battle Hirohito is knocked into the device and begins spouting his doubts about victory and how he believes the Americans will win the war before he is pulled out of the device. The Young Allies then flee with the plans and fight their way to a plane, and manage to escape. The Whip, failing to capture them as they escape commits suicide for his failure.

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