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Quote1.png Should've let him kill me, Singularity. A shiny super hero murders the villain on camera? That would've been something. But this, this's just... It's common. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Now, Not Tomorrow, Part 1: No Turning Back"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Frog
  • Josh
  • Lauren


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Now, Not Tomorrow, Part 1: No Turning Back"

Benito Serrano, along with several other boys, is abducted from his Colombian village by an unnamed military force involved in a civil war. He is subjected to strict military training, taught to reject morality and act mercilessly. He is given the handle of 'El Toro,' and becomes close friends with a fellow soldier known as El Dragón. Due to his dedication and high kill count, El Toro is chosen to be subjected to experimental tests. During the experiments, Benito remembered his long forgotten older sister and home. Using his new-found form, he escapes and flees to America.

The Bastards of Evil discuss their plans to debut, while member Warhead states concerns about debuting in a city with such a high hero population.

In New York City, Araña and Nomad easily defeat a pair of middle school aged shoplifters. Meanwhile, Greg Willis discusses the topic of killing supervillains with his fellow students, while Angelica Jones hurries to grad class. The newly arrived Benito visits the Statue of Liberty.

These normal routines are all interrupted when the Bastards of Evil start their attack, causing reckless mayhem. The superheroes individually fight back against the violent demonstration of the Bastards, though several are taken by surprise with the power of the abilities of the various Bastards. Araña was sent flying all the way to Liberty Island by Singularity, while Aftershock fought toe to toe with Firestar. Meanwhile, Warhead was nearly defeated and possibly killed by Gravity, before Singularity stopped him.

All of this frustrates Warhead, who sees the fight as little more than "common" superhero fair. Walking away from the fight, he walks into the remains of Ground Zero and focuses his powers. Gravity, slow to realize his intention, tries to stop him but it is too late. Warhead detonates himself as a living nuclear device, creating a giant mushroom cloud to erupt from the hole at Ground Zero and presumably killing himself in the process.

Solicit Synopsis

THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! The patriotic girl without a world in need of a home. The insecure newbie striving to be a better super hero. The illegal immigrant with a tortured past and a dream. The disillusioned Midwesterner desperate for direction. The veteran team player given a second lease on life. Five heroes against tyranny in all its forms. Five students pushing to make the grade. Five friends together on the road to adulthood. They are NOMAD, ARAÑA, TORO, GRAVITY and FIRESTAR--the YOUNG ALLIES! But even their combined might may not be enough to take on the team of teen terrors known as the BASTARDS OF EVIL!


After "Now, Not Tomorrow (Part 1) - No Turning Back", the rest of the comic features a two-page history, complete with panels from the original comics, for each hero except Toro, to get new and old readers up-to-date. Toro gets a one-page history, but also had a full origin story in flashback for the first four pages of the comic.


Gravity and Warhead first clashed in Age of Heroes #2.

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