Quote1 So now we, what? Just wait? No. No, there's gotta be something we could be doing right now! Gotta be someone who knows something, or -- or -- I mean -- a bunch of people were murdered in cold blood yesterday! Just killed! For kicks! And no one's giving up the killers? What the hell's gone wrong with the world? Quote2
-- Gravity

Appearing in "Now, Not Tomorrow (Part 2) - Fall Out"

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Synopsis for "Now, Not Tomorrow (Part 2) - Fall Out"

The Young Allies are each having trouble sleeping since Warhead's suicidal nuclear attack at the site of Ground Zero. Fortunately for the New York City, the blast was contained by a force field of Reed Richards devising, and Johnny Storm works on atomizing the fallout. Gravity looks for a way to help out, but Richards assures him they have the damage under control and that the other heroes are looking for the Bastards of Evil. Firestar, flying overhead, calls out to Gravity. She also has many of the same complaints of feeling marginalized by the bigger heroes. The two decide to team up to track down the Bastards.

Nearby, Arana and Nomad find, Toro on a rooftop and convince him to help them to also track down the Bastards of Evil.

At the Bastards of Evil hideout, Mortar is look at video of Warhead suicide blast on the her computer, and mocks him, thinking there's no point in making such a statement if you're not alive to enjoy it. Ember is more sympathetic, saying Warhead's suicide took courage. Singularity enters and say he found the blast had too much in common with regular terrorist suicide attacks, and the Bastards should be more sophisticated. Ember criticizes Singularity, saying he speaks from a personal need to prove himself to his daddy. Singularity then teases Ember for having a mutant father, until Ember lashes out an shoots a fireball at Singularity, before storming out. Mortar mocks Singularity for thinking he should lead the team.

Meanwhile, Aftershock is meeting with a shadowy figure who's really in charge of team, providing them with their plan and vision. She says that while she has no problem with killing, Warhead's move was a surprise to her, and she wants to know it wasn't part of the mysterious leader's plan. He assures it wasn't. She asks if they should lay low now, but he tells her now is the time to push bigger and harder than ever.

Gravity and Firestar have worked their way through her list of villain-associates she created while working with the New Warriors. Gravity torments the last, holding him high in the air, and threatening to let go unless he tells him the location of a certain villain, but the fellow professes not to know. Gravity sets him on a roof and flies away, and Firestar comments that he even had her half-convinced that he was going to let the guy fall. Gravity makes a speech about he's disgusted with the world, because nobody is giving up the location of the villains after such a horrible attack.

At Ted's Internet Cafe, Arana, Nomad, and Toro are using the internet to try and find the Bastards, essentially trying to crown-source the search. Arana complains about a Facebook group that is supporting the Bastards, and Toro is ready to quit over the slow pace of the search. Luckily, someone forwards them a video form a Queens traffic camera that shows a man stepping a in street puddle and causing it to boil. They had found Ember.

Gravity and Firestar have an argument, because he doesn't think she's angry enough, which makes her angry at him over assuming she doesn't care about the people who died. While they are fighting, they are attacked by Electro, who had heard they were looking for him.

Arana, Nomad and Toro find Ember in Queens, where he is launching a blowing up cars and making racist statements. Arana draws his attention, while Nomad uses her energy shield to break open a fire hydrant and blast Ember with water. Toro grabs Ember by the throat and start crushing his neck, saying he will kill Ember for the deaths he caused. Toro is stopped by Arana and Nomad, saying they want to take Ember alive. While the three argue, Ember blasts Toro from behind and escapes, leaving the three to feel ashamed that wasted an opportunity to stop one of the Bastards.

Firestar and Gravity fight Electro, but he easily defeats them both by absorbing Firestar's microwave energy and converting into a powerful electric blast. He let them live for one reason, so that can spread the message that he doesn't endorse Aftershock and the Bastards of Evil's terrorism. He also says they can look up how and when he got his powers on the internet, and there no way a girl of Aftershock's age could have been conceived after he got his powers. It's impossible for him to be Aftershock's father.

Solicit Synopsis

Still reeling from the events of last issue, the Young Allies are desperate to hunt down the Bastards of Evil by any means necessary--even if it means taking on their parents!--while the Bastards are up for a little hunting trip of their own...

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