Quote1 We need to take advantage of the effect Warhead's martyrdom has had on the populace. We need to impress upon them even further that their heroes do not make them safe. So...we're gonna meet up with a couple of our newest acquaintances. And kill them. Quote2
-- Aftershock

Appearing in "Now, Not Tomorrow (Part 3) - Down Time"

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Synopsis for "Now, Not Tomorrow (Part 3) - Down Time"

At the Bastards of Evil hideout, Singularity verbally attacks Ember about his recent encounter with Araña and Nomad, criticizing him for at the very least not taking recording drones for the attack. Singularity is reminded that he isn't the field leader of the Bastards, just in time for Aftershock to arrive and inform the team that their superior has given her their new orders: find and kill Araña and Nomad.

Elsewhere, Araña and Nomad continue their investigation of the Bastards. Araña mentions that Aftershock's earliest videotaped attacks were all located near the same small town in Colorado. Nomad then suggests that the girls continue involving Toro in their ongoing investigation, revealing she might have had a romantic relationship with him in her home reality.

Toro thinks about what Araña told him after he nearly killed Ember. As he's considering, a group of gangsters approach Toro and threaten him for invading their "turf." Just as they are about to jump him, he defends himself violently, making short work of them and having their leader at gunpoint. Instead of shooting him, he merely pistol whips him and walks away, tossing the gun away.

Gravity is doing his own research of the Bastards of Evil, finding a video of the fight between Ember and the other heroes. He schedules a meeting with Firestar, where he mentions possibly sharing information for with the other heroes. Araña's ongoing research of Aftershock yields results, discovered information about her real identity. As the girls leave Ted's Internet Cafe, they barely miss Toro looking for them.

Back at Bastards of Evil Headquarters, Mortar and Singularity discuss what they know about their fathers. Singularity in particular talks about the one time he ever met Graviton, and some inspiring words he shared. The private moment is interrupted by a mocking Aftershock, who informs them that they are ready for their night's plan.

Gravity's is confronted by his roommate Frog about his ongoing obsession with the Bastards of Evil. After Gravity yells at him, he realizes that he is allowing the actions of the Bastards to make him emotionally volatile. Frog mentions that Arana was looking for any assistance regarding finding information about the Bastards, inspiring Gravity to send her an e-mail.

Meeting up with Firestar as well, Gravity waits at the rendezvous point he suggested in the e-mail: at the edge of the explosion that Warhead caused at Ground Zero. The girls, meanwhile, respond to an e-mail they received from Gravity. However, it becomes clear that the location they received was different from what Gravity sent, as he and Firestar are left alone. Eventually the reason for the confusion is revealed: the e-mail that they responded to was actually a ruse by the Bastards of Evil, whom ambush the two girls.

Solicit Synopsis

Gravity's dark obsession mounts, Firestar's life threatens to implode, Toro's frustrations grow, and Nomad and Araña make a shocking discovery about the origins of the Bastards of Evil, whose plans to follow up on their vicious debut get underway.


With the revelation of the Bastards of Evil's origins, it is safe to say that Singularity's flashback in this issue is false.

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