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This team of Young Avengers was created by the living embodiment of Loki's guilt. They took the form of the former love interests of the real Young Avengers,[1] and allied themselves with Mother, an interdimensional parasite the Young Avengers had recently faced, in order to get revenge on Loki.

The construct based on Leah tricked Hulkling into meeting her Young Avengers, who posed as a therapy group, and magically teleported him to New York, which was one of the conditions that allowed Mother to enter Earth-616.[2] Leah contacted Loki, and informed him that Mother was planning on unleashing into the world all of the evil alternate reality version of the Young Avengers she had trapped.[3]

The real Young Avengers arrived to Mother's dimension in order to rescue Hulkling and defeat their exes, and when Loki was cornered by Leah, he discovered she was the manifestation of his guilt.[4] When Loki confessed to his teammates the crimes he had committed and the chaos he had sown, Leah and her Young Avengers faded away.[1]


  • These Young Avengers formed by the construct of Leah were an homage to the League of Evil Exes from the Scott Pilgrim book series.[5]

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