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Quote1.png I am proud of you. I was made a warrior because it is the way of my people. But you chose the path of you own free will. You could have done something easier, and you did not. Quote2.png
Captain Marvel

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Synopsis for "Hulkling"

Teddy and Billy were walking in Times Square when they saw Captain Marvel who had apparently returned from the dead. Believing Marvel to be his father, Teddy took to watching Stark Tower in the hopes of seeing the Kree hero. When he finally met him, Teddy couldn't help but blurt out that he was Marvel's son, which shook the hero prompting him to leave while he contemplated this information.

Later, after the Young Avengers halted a bank robbery by cyborg thieves, Teddy left the group to be alone. Here he was again approached by Marvel who apologized for his earlier swift departure. He admits that it is possible that he is Teddy's father as he and Anelle had briefly been together. He tells Teddy that he's proud of him for having chosen the path of a warrior as well as how he was supposedly flung forward in time. He says that he is looking for a way to get back to his own time and that he will not seek treatment for his cancer in the future as he's already died in the past and he does not wish to interfere with the time-stream. He then embraces his son and tells him he will try to see him again before returning to the past before flying away into the night.

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