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Appearing in "Family Matters: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Family Matters: Part Three"

Having shot Kl'rt, Captain Av-Rom of the Kree Imperial Militia claims that Teddy is the son of Captain Marvel. Av-Rom explains that after Mar-Vell was captured, the Emperor's daughter, Anelle, conspired with Mar-Vell to overthrow her father, and wound up giving birth "to a half-breed." Av-Rom claims that Teddy is Kree because his father was Kree, and insists that Kree law requires Teddy to join the Imperial Milita.

Kl'rt regains consciousness and attacks Av-Rom so that Teddy can escape, but Teddy rescues Kl'rt from the Kree before the Young Avengers subdue the Militiamen. The Vision patches into the navigation system of the Kree ship and, after an argument between Kate, Patriot and Tommy, sets a course for Avengers Tower.

Wiccan attempts a spell to heal Kl'rt but fails, and the Super-Skrull explains that he had not intended to kill Teddy's "surrogate," and that he has failed in his mission to save Teddy in repayment for Mar-Vell attempting to save his life. Kl'rt explains that Mar-Vell tried to talk him into defecting from the Skrull army, but Kl'rt refused, instead enabling Mar-Vell to escape by shape-shifting into his appearance in order to distract the guards. He explains to Teddy that the Kree will use him as a weapon or kill him, and muses on the irony of being saved by the sons of Mar-Vell and the Scarlet Witch. Wiccan insists that the Scarlet Witch never had children, but Kl'rt claims that she had "twin boys...named Thomas and William."

The Vision confirms that the Scarlet Witch was at one time so desperate for children that she "unconsciously used her reality-altering powers to create twin boys...out of two lost souls" "which were later claimed by his own," though the process of reabsorbing the twins' souls destroyed Mephisto because "they had been so transfigured by Wanda's magic." The twins "ceased to exist" "until recently," after the Scarlet Witch "lost control of her powers," and Wiccan theorizes that he and Tommy are, in fact, the reborn souls of the Scarlet Witch's sons, pointing out that he possesses the Scarlet Witch's powers while Tommy possesses Quicksilver's abilities. The Vision attempts to explain that he, in his former incarnation as the Scarlet Witch's husband, was Billy and Tommy's father, but the neuro-kinetic armor short-circuits when the Kree ship is attacked by a Skrull warship.

Kl'rt attempts to signal the Skrull ship, but Teddy flies out to meet the ship instead, and Billy follows him as Teddy orders the Skrull ship to cease fire. The Skrull ship is immediately attacked by a second Kree ship, and the Skrull scatter and return fire as Teddy orders both sides to stand down. The Kree and the Skrull both stop attacking as Iron Man, Sentry, Spider-Woman, Captain America, Wolverine, Luke Cage and Spider-Man arrive on the scene.

The Kree, along with the Skrull, both attempt to claim Teddy as their own, each claiming that their respective armies are entering Earth's atmosphere to prepare for a military strike against the planet. Captain America informs the Kree that Teddy will remain on Earth under the protection of the New Avengers, and a Kree officer fires at Captain America just as Patriot throws himself in front of Rogers to protect him.

Both sides attack, with the New Avengers and the Young Avengers caught in the middle.


  • Kl'rt reveals to Wiccan that according to Skrull Intelligence, he and Speed are the twin sons of the Scarlet Witch. Later, the new Vision recounts the birth and life of Scarlet Witch's twins. Wiccan believes that they are indeed the Scarlet Witch's lost twins, but Speed is very skeptical.

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