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Quote1 I'm not going anywhere. My father was an Avenger. This was his home. And one weekend a month, it was mine, too. Now he's dead. And all I have left of him is inside the mansion. So I don't care who you are--or what powers you have... I'm not leaving without it! Quote2
Cassie Lang

Appearing in "Sidekicks (Part 2 of 6)"

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Synopsis for "Sidekicks (Part 2 of 6)"

Kate Bishop, the heroic bridesmaid from the Saint Patrick's Cathedral wedding hostage situation, waits at the hospital while her father demands that his daughter be admitted immediately. Kate waits outside, where she is approached by Cassie Lang, the daughter of Ant-Man, who admits that she's looking for the Young Avengers in order to join the fledgling team. Kate leaves the hospital with Cassie.

At the former Avengers Mansion, Richards explains that he traveled into the past in order to avoid becoming Kang.

In the thirtieth century, Richards is bullied by his fellow teenagers until Kang's future-self appears and immobilizes one of the bullies. Kang explains to his younger-self that that he will "discover the plans for an ancient time machine" with which he will travel to ancient Egypt before becoming trapped in the fortieth century where he subjugates "two warring alien tribes" to become know as Kang the Conqueror.

Kang then explains that the only heroes who could defeat him were the Avengers, and gives Richards the neuro-kinetic 40th century "Iron Lad" armor, encouraging Richards to kill the teenager who bullied him because in Kang's own timeline, the bully slit his throat and hospitalized him for a year. Instead, Richards uses the armor to travel back to the 21st century so that he can find the Avengers and train to prepare to face Kang again.

Arriving in the 21st century, Richards finds the Avengers Mansion abandoned and the former team members inaccessible, so he breaks into a Stark Industries warehouse and discovers the mangled remains of the Vision.

Elsewhere in New York City, Asgardian and Hulkling discuss the possibility of an attack by Kang before spotting Patriot clinging to a swerving vehicle. They help him incapacitate the passengers, who Patriot explains were MGH dealers that he encountered in Central Park.

Cassie and Kate arrive at the former Avengers Mansion and climb the locked gate, and Cassie explains the details of her father's death at the hands of the Jack of Hearts. Cassie explains that she wants to retrieve her father's equipment, but the two are stopped by Patriot, Hulkling and Asgardian. Cassie demands to enter the Mansion, and when Patriot stands in her way, her anger causes her to grow to enormous height.



  • Cassie Lang is fourteen in this issue, but will turn fifteen in June.

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