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Quote1 That's too bad, Kang...'cause we're just getting started. Quote2

Appearing in ""Sidekicks" (Part 5 of 6)"

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Synopsis for ""Sidekicks" (Part 5 of 6)"

At the former Avengers Mansion, Kang tells Richards that the longer the two of them occupy the same moment in time, the more unstable time itself becomes," and Richards agrees to return to the thirtieth century. Cassie intervenes, however, throwing Kang through his own portal as Richards pulls her clear of it, and the two kiss "for luck."

The Young Avengers regroup, and Richards admits that he has agreed to return to his own time in order to restore the timestream, but the rest of the team refuses to allow him to sacrifice himself. Kate suggests removing the Iron Lad armor so that Kang can no longer track him and the team prepares to head for the Upper West Side just as Kang reappears, threatening to kill Iron Man, Captain America and Jewel if Richards does not return to the thirtieth century.

Richards flees for Kaplan's home as the Young Avengers attack Kang. Patriot considers using the Iron Lad armor to battle Kang, but Kate suggests utilizing Kaplan's spell-casting ability. Kaplan uses an incantation to disable the force field that Kang is using to protect himself, and Kate deactivates Kang's "trans-temporal armor" with a precision arrow shot. Patriot attempts to battle Kang hand-to-hand, but is quickly subdued, and Kate attacks with a sword that Kang takes from her.

Kang demands to know where Richards is moments before Richards arrives, agreeing to turn himself and the Iron Lad armor over to Kang. He reveals to Kate, however, that he is not Iron Lad, and shape-shifts back into the Hulkling in order to attack Kang with the aid of Cassie, Patriot and Asgardian. Kaplan attempts another spell to stop Kang, who is struck in the back by an energy blast fired by the Iron Lad armor under the control of the Vision's operating system, which disarms Kang and orders him to return to his own era. Kang manages to disable the Vision software and regain his armor, demanding once more to know where Iron Lad has gone.

Kang is suddenly struck by Captain America's Shield, but retaliates by shooting and killing Captain America, Iron Man, and Jewel. Moments later, Richards appears again and drives Kate's sword through Kang.



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