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Quote1 I just want you guys to know...I loved being a Young Avenger. Goodbye. Quote2
Iron Lad

Appearing in "Sidekicks (Part 6 of 6)"

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Synopsis for "Sidekicks (Part 6 of 6)"

At the former Avengers Mansion, Young Avengers stand over the dead body of Kang the Conqueror and the destruction around them begins to change as the timestream repairs itself. Once the city is restored, however, they discover that all of the Avengers are dead, and Elijah insists that Richards must return to the thirtieth century and become Kang in order to fully restore the proper timeline.

Cassie notices that her father may still be alive, but she, Kaplan and Altman realize that they could vanish from the timestream at any moment because of their relation to the Avengers. Richards asks for an hour to figure out if Cassie's father is alive, but Elijah refuses, and Kaplan begins casting a spell to make Richards forget his entire experience in the 21st Century. Richards attacks Kaplan to stop him, but Kaplan vanishes from the timeline, and as Altman attacks Richards, Altman vanishes as well. Cassie assures Richards that everything will be okay once he returns to his own time, and Richards finally agrees.

Richards activates the Vision's operating system within the Iron Lad armor and orders it to open a portal to the thirtieth century. Richards says his goodbyes to the team and steps through the portal, after which Kate, Elijah, and Cassie discover Avengers Mansion destroyed again as well as finding Kaplan, Atlman, Jessica, Captain America and Iron Man alive again. Captain America instructs the Young Avengers to return home, and threatens to shut them down for good if they ever don their uniforms again. He orders the teenagers to leave all of their equipment at the Mansion, but as the Young Avengers leave, he considers whether sending them away is the right thing to do.

On their way home, Kate convinces the rest of the team to continue training on their own against Captain America's orders because, "[so] many people out there could use [their] help." The others decline, and Kate returns one of Elijah's throwing stars, indicating that the two of them may continue their relationship if they choose.

Several weeks later, Kate, Elijah, Kaplan, Cassie, and Altman meet at a park, and Kate convinces the rest of the team to continue operating as the Young Avengers. The five of them discuss new nicknames as they cross New York City, with Cassie announcing that she has chosen Stature and Kaplan settling on Wiccan. The group arrives at the abandoned warehouse of Bishop Publishing, which Kate has acquired for use as the Young Avengers' "lair," and Kate shows them a set of new uniforms that she had made.

The team suits up.


  • Billy and Teddy's romantic relationship is confirmed.
  • New codenames for suggested for Billy included "Warlock Boy" and "Magic Lad".
  • New codenames for suggested for Teddy included "Edifice" and "Facade".
  • Codenames for suggested for Kate included "Hawkeye", "Weapon-Woman", "Task-Mistress" and "Hawkingbird". In official Marvel Solicits she is referred to as "Knightress" until finally officially taking on the name "Hawkeye" in Young Avengers #12
  • The Young Avengers establish their new lair at the abandoned Bishop Publishing building.
  • The Young Avengers all receive new costumes courtesy of Kate's father's money and her connections in the fashion industry.


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