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Appearing in "Secret Identities: Part One"

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Synopsis for "Secret Identities: Part One"

At Avengers Tower, Steve Rogers, Luke Cage and Peter Parker discuss the Young Avengers' defeat of Kang the Conqueror and recent capture of the Shocker, and Rogers threatens to call the teenagers' parents again before opting to call "backup" instead.

On "the Upper West Side," Billy watches a television news report on the Young Avengers before Teddy arrives, encouraging Billy to reveal his superpowers to his parents. When he tries to, his parents assume that he is trying to come out as gay, and they show their unconditional support for Billy and Teddy's relationship.

On "the Upper East Side," Peggy Rae and Blake Burdick watch the television news report on the Young Avengers, and discuss the possibility that Cassie is "the Giant Girl" while Cassie eavesdrops on their conversation.

In "the Bronx," Elijah finds a plastic baggie in bureau drawer empty before heading out to school, lying to his grandmother about his activities the previous night. Before leaving the house, Elijah stops in to see his grandfather reading a newspaper article on the Young Avengers and crying proudly at Elijah's part in the team.

At Avengers Tower, Rogers meets with Tony Stark and Jessica Jones in a laboratory where Stark explains that the Vision operating software that has taken over the Iron Lad armor is " incredibly powerful, super-intelligent...kid." Jessica suggests that outing the Young Avengers as superheroes to their parents may be unwise, and Rogers decides to contact the Bradleys himself while sending Jessica to speak with Peggy Burdick.

In "the Meat-Packing District," Cassie describes her mother and step-father's conversation to Kate Bishop before the two of them meet up with Teddy and Billy, and the four decide to head to Avengers Tower and stop Captain America from contacting their parents once they Elijah joins them.

On "the West Side Highway," Elijah spots a pair of drug-dealers heading into a warehouse and climbs onto the roof where he is ambushed by the dealers and crashes through a skylight into a drug-production facility.

In the Meat-Packing District, Teddy and Kate discuss the possibility that Elijah may have "done something stupid," and Billy casts "a locating spell" to track Elijah's whereabouts.

At the West Side Highway warehouse, Elijah wakes up to see the two drug dealers being beaten savagely by Mister Hyde.

In the Bronx, Rogers meets with Faith Bradley who greets him graciously and welcomes him into her home, while in the Upper East Side, Jessica meets with Peggy who is decidedly less enthusiastic when she realizes that Cassie has taken up her ex-husband's role as a superhero.

At the West Side Highway warehouse, Hyde chokes Elijah as Stature, Hawkeye, Wiccan and Hulkling arrive to rescue him. Wiccan is shocked to find Elijah bleeding, but Elijah flees into an adjacent room where Wiccan finds him about to inject himself with a dose of mutant growth hormone.


  • It is again implied that Wiccan and Hulkling are dating. Also Wiccan comes out to his parents accidentally while trying to out himself as a superhero.
  • On the news Kate Bishop is identified as "Female Archer" and Stature is identified as "Giant Girl".


  • Patriot is sixteen years old at the time of this issue.

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