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Synopsis for "Parent Teacher Disorganization"

Volstagg and Heimdall watch Laufey’s confrontation with Loki and the two heroes. The terrifying Laufey catches the fleeing Hulkling with a tossed bear trap and readies to kill Loki. Wiccan’s magic proves ineffective, thus demonstrating that Laufey is once more a creation of the Mother parasite. Ms America comes to their aid, smashing into it at full speed. After very brief introductions, the parasite returns having taken the form of Ms America’s two mothers. America decides to let Loki teleport them away; he transports them to a favorite nightclub in NYC, where they sit down to talk. America tells them they can’t trust Loki, as he had previously asked her to kill Wiccan. Loki admits this but says it was reverse psychology; he needed her to protect Wiccan. He says he can undo the spell if Wiccan loans him power. They are deeply skeptical of this, but then the parasite shows up again impersonating all their parents. After a brief scuffle, the parasite overpowers them all and says it will feed on his soul until he’s dead.

Solicit Synopsis

• A Fight scene, probably.

• And another one, but this time in a club.

• Plentiful feels. (aka “Meaningful emotional character beats” for people who aren’t on tumblr)

• The fakest ID in history.

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