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Downtown Border Territory, New York City
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Jammy, Sky Boy (Graham Jones), Flayve[1], several unnamed Blades
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The Young Blades gang are young criminals who use Jet Blades and killed carders to obtain their Credit I.D. implants to afford their labels. They collect such implants and use them as decorations.[2][3]

During the test of Public Eye's new vehicle, when Jake Gallows arrived at the site of a Blades' murder, he began killing the gang, but was promptly pulled up by Chief, who told him stop his rampage right now.

He then wears the mantle of the Punisher to destroy the gang. He quickly terminates all the members, except their leader, Maxine Sands, Aka Blue Max. While she is on the ledge of a building, Blue Max tries to explain her reasons, but the Punisher is thinking only about punishment.

Claiming nobody has ever give her anything, she prefers suicide instead of allow the Punisher to cause her death. Jake feels uncomfortable about her suicide, knowing that Maxine was not the only one responsible for her behavior, but rather the product of her society.[3]

Sky Boy, one of the surviving Blades saved her from falling,[1] and eventually crosses Jake Gallows' path later. He was incarcerated in the Punishment Hotel, and when Jake became more violent after his girlfriend's death, Graham was one of the many criminals to be terminated by the Molecular Disintegrator. The Punisher stated he was going to find the other Blades sooner or later.[2]

Later, battling again for the Blue Dagger, Maxine confronted the Punisher, and teamed up with the Samurai, who was quickly killed. Blue Max tried to kill him to avenge the Samuraï and her fellow deceased Blades, and win the race. The Blue Dagger was destroyed but she had already won, infuriating the Punisher, who wanted to beat Max to destroy the allure of the sport for kids. Jake tries to kill her when she gets out, but the spectators deliberately block his path. Maxine then leaves.[1]


Transportation: Jet Blades (also called Sword Boards)
Weapons: Guns and knives

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