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Quote1.png You're the last generation of mutants. Quote2.png
Donald Pierce impersonating Cyclops

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Synopsis for "Final Genesis"

Cyclops assembles a new team of X-Men from the ranks of the dispersed New X-Men.

The story begins with Blindfold having a vision of an upcoming battle with Donald Pierce in which Pierce kills one of the Young X-Men.

Meanwhile, Cyclops travels around the world recruiting mutants for his new team, the Young X-Men. Rockslide, Dust, Blindfold, and Wolfcub are all former students of the Xavier Institute, while Ink is a new recruit whom Cyclops rescues from prison. After gathering the students in the Danger Cave, Cyclops explains that they will begin training to defeat the newest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


  • On the cover of this issue and in Blindfold's vision of the future, Ink is shown as being bald, even though he has hair inside the book.
  • Ink gains a biohazard tattoo and uses it to make the San Diego Police officers extremely ill. He had the "explosive" symbol tattooed on his right bicep prior to the events of this story.

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