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Synopsis for "New Mutants"

A Danger Cave training session ends poorly as the Young X-Men are quickly defeated by the holographic forms of the original New Mutants. Cyclops reviews their performance and warns them that they must work together as a team.

Blindfold and Dust discuss Blindfold's vision from the previous issue and Blindfold expresses her fear that someone on the team will betray them.

The next day, Cyclops splits the Young X-Men into two teams, Blue and Gold. The Blue Team (Ink and Blindfold) is assigned to capture Mirage, while the Gold Team (Wolf Cub, Dust, and Rockslide) is sent after Magma. Cyclops gives each team a "Stark-Experimental Intra-Continental jet" and Cerebrex tracking units to find their targets.

The Gold Team travels to Los Angeles and finds Magma, who quickly downs their plane and confronts them on the ground. The Blue Team flies to Boulder, Colorado and surprises Mirage. Although Blindfold manages to incapacitate Mirage, she is then knocked out by her own teammate, Ink.


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