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Synopsis for "Life Death"

Ink delivers the unconscious Blindfold and Mirage to Donald Pierce, who wonders why Ink left her alive. Ink claims he is not a killer and leaves to rejoin Cyclops.

The Gold Team continues their battle against Magma who superheats Dust until she turns into glass and disintegrates Rockslide. Rockslide pulls himself together while Wolf Cub delivers a crippling blow to Magma, ending the fight.

In the Hellfire Club, Cannonball and Roberto Da Costa discuss the situation and worry about the arrival of the Young X-Men.

Ink returns and tells Cyclops that Blindfold is a prisoner and Mirage is repowered. While they are talking, Graymalkin is watching them and talking to himself. He finally resolves to kill Cyclops.

The Blue Team returns and seeks help for Dust in the Danger Cave by bringing up holographic forms of medical facilities and previous X-Men. While Wolf Cub regrets having attacked Magma, Cyclops reassures him it was necessary. Ink is confused by the revelation that Blindfold has seen him participating with the team in a future battle against Donald Pierce.

In Pelican Bay Prison, California, an inmate named Julio is broken out of prison by a man named Carlos who appears to have the same powers as Ink.

Mirage and Blindfold awakened and are confronted by Donald Pierce.


  • When Rockslide is taunting Magma, he claims that the fight is four against one. However, Rockslide's team only has three members, himself, Wolf Cub, and Dust.
  • Cipher is only mentioned in this issue, she is not shown. Although she is erroneously referred to as "cypher".

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