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Synopsis for "San Francisco"

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  • This issue marks another large roster change for the Young X-Men, as Blindfold leaves and Anole, Mirage and Sunspot all join.
  • Anole accepts Dani's offer to join the Young X-Men although he previously refused Northstar's invitation to rejoin the X-Men as seen in the Divided We Stand story "Blend In."[1]
  • In this issue, it is revealed by Beast that Jonas Graymalkin is in fact a mutant, over 200 years old and a collateral ancestor of Professor X. Beast continues to speculate about how Graymalkin was buried alive, but Graymalkin only reveals this information to another homosexual teenager with whom he feels a kinship, Anole.[2]
  • Jonas Graymalkin is fairly introverted and especially distrusting of adults. This is possibly due to his father attempting to murder him or his own insecurities about his homosexual identity. This distrust is demonstrated by his refusal to allow Emma Frost to read his mind and his lack of disclosure about his live burial with Beast and Cyclops.

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