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Yugoslavia was a country in the Balkans from December 1918 to April 1992, with some remaining parts existing in various forms until June 2006, dropping the name Yugoslavia in February 2003. It comprised the area of the present-day states of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Slovenia.

Kingdom of Yugoslavia

In 1942, Yugoslavia was ruled by Princess Alecia. She was kidnapped by the underground dwelling Pixie race whose ruler wished to force Alecia to be his bride. She was rescued by Rockman who returned her to her kingdom.[1]

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1945–1992)

The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) was the communist state and federation that existed from the end of World War II to the Yugoslav wars.

The republic was formed in 1945 from remains of the pre-war Kingdom of Yugoslavia under the name Democratic Federal Yugoslavia, in 1946 it changed its name to Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia and again in 1963 to Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Throughout the Cold War, Yugoslavia was an important member of the Non-Aligned Movement.


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