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A Japanese geneticist who opened the Sasaki Institute, a school for young mutants much like the Xavier Academy. At one point meeting Professor Xavier himself, the two had a short lived romance resulting in the birth of Yui's son Takeo.[citation needed]

Some time later she closed her school and continued her research with some of her previous students in an attempt to eliminate mutant powers. She did this out of concern for her son's uncontrollable powers. The results of which was a serum that caused the rapid development of secondary mutation, often leading to insanity.[citation needed]



  • The serum/virus Yui developed suppresses mutations, but after some doses, the serum/virus seems to lose its effects, making the mutation return in a really aggressive way. This usually results in monstrous transformations and loss of rational cognitive function in the target (Damon-Hall Syndrome).
  • In the sub-basement of her research facility, Yui had a large machine that could scramble any attempt, either telepathically or electronically made to scan for mutants. It seemed to start up upon detecting a scanning attempt and blocked out a large area of Northern Japan.


  • Dr. Yui Sasaki seems to be the Earth-101001 counterpart of Dr. Moira MacTaggert.
  • In the present day, Yui appears cold and calm. This is very likely due to the pain she felt for having to hire the U-Men to butcher young mutants for fresh DNA for her experiments.

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