Yukio was an assassin, who wanted to bring down Shingen Harada and his organisation for killing her parents.

Her mother was Shingen's top assassin, but became a target herself when she fell in love with Kai, the son of her last target Koh.[1][2]. Both of her parents eventually died due to Shingen and his new ally Juo. After her parents death, Yukio was raised by her grandfather Koh. He was the one who learned her to fight. However, his obsession with revenge against Juo and regaining control over Madripoor eventually drove a wedge between the two, and Yukio left.[3]

When Logan lost a fight with Shingen due to getting drugged with a poison, and was left unconscious on some train tracks by Shingen's men, Yukio saved him, killing Shingen's men in the proces. She took him to her appartment and treated his wounds. Unbeknown to Logan however, she secretly killed Logan's friend Tesshin Asano, and made it look like the murder was committed by Shingen's top assassin Kikyo Mikage.[4] Like she hoped, this further fueled Logans' desire to take down Shingen. While at first reluctant, Logan eventually accepted her as an ally.[1]

Together, Yukio and Logan fought various enemies including Kikyo Mikage and Omega Red. When Shingen left for Madripoor along with his daughter Mariko Yashida, the two followed him there. On Madripoor, Yukio helped Logan fight Vadhaka, but was trapped under some rubble in the process. When she freed herself, she was taken captive by Shingen's men and used as bait to lure Logan into a trap and keep him from getting to the Dragon Palace.[2] Logan managed to rescue her, after which the two of them went to the Dragon Palace through Hell Road.[3] With great effor, they managed to overcome all the traps.[5]

Once at the Dragon Palace, Yukio twice fought Shingen. The first time alongside her grandfather Koh. This fight, Koh was killed when he took a blow meant for Yukio.[6] The second time was during Shingens last fight with Logan. Shingen managed to fatally injure Yukio, but she lived long enough to see Logan come out on top and incapacitate Shingen, after which he allowed her to finish him off and have her revenge.[4] Just before dying herself, she confessed to killing Logan's friend Tesshin Asano, and expressed remorse for her actions.[4]




Seemingly those of the Yukio of Earth-616.


Collapsible Chakrams, Kunai, Throwing Knives

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