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Yuriko Oyama was a bike and car thief in El Paso, Texas, who taught young Moroccan orphan Ororo Munroe her trade, allowing her to operate in Yuri's territory in return for 90% of the money Ororo got from the chop shops. Eventually Ororo refused to do so anymore, prompting Yuri to try and run her out of town. Yuri pursued Ororo, trying to make her crash her stolen bike, and ignoring repeated warnings to back off, deciding she had no other choice, Ororo used her hidden ace, a mutant ability to control the weather, to summon a storm and wet the roads, aware that Yuri, used to the dry desert, was a poor rider in such conditions. Despite this, Yuri kept coming, only to drive head on into an oncoming truck; her bike exploded, and Ororo believed her dead.[1]

However Yuri survived, waking eventually from a coma to find herself paralyzed. After several years on a ventilator, Yuri was approached by Dr. Cornelius of Weapon X who offered to heal her and give her a chance for revenge in return for her killing Ororo, now the X-Man Storm, and her teammate Wolverine. Despite no guarantee she would survive the surgery, Yuri agreed. Turned into a cyborg assassin, she confronted her targets in Canada, proving a match for Wolverine, but Storm electrocuted her with a lightning bolt.[2]

She was later imprisoned in SHIELD's Triskelion base, but during a power outage all the cells opened; encountering the X-Man Dazzler outside her cell. Yuri skewered her, but fellow prisoner and human hating mutant Longshot snuck up behind her and snapped her neck. Though her healing factor presumably saved her life, Yuri has not been seen since.[3]


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  • Prehensile Fingers: Yuri can extend her adamantium nail digits more than 6 feet, retaining enough flexibility to grasp objects, but capable of penetrating flesh and slicing metal.[4]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Her genes have been spliced with Wolverine's mutant DNA, giving her near-instant healing abilities, similarly to Wolverine although she claims her factor allows her to recover from wounds at a faster rate.[2]


Yuriko is a skilled motorcycle rider and thief.



Adamantium: Yuriko's body and skeleton had been outfitted with adamantium lacing to make her an equal match to Logan.[2]



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