Yuriko Oyama was a criminal who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and injected with nanites to control her during the Super Human Civil War, and was used to defend a Caravan transporting unregistered heroes Cable, Hercules, Spider-Woman, and Multiple Man to Prison 42. When the White Star forces attacked the caravan Liberty Squadron was deployed and covered Captain America as he freed the prisoners, Lady Deathstrike (Under Nanite control) ambushed the squad, and she nearly defeated them, but she was knocked out by the Thing, who was angry the war had split out onto Yancy Street.

Lady Deathstrike fought during the battle at the Chemical Plant, and became a member of the Fold like the other Nanite-Controlled Super Villains, and she helped blow up the plant. She was freed from the Nanites control when the Fold was defeated by the Ultimate Alliance.


Same as her Earth-616 counterpart.


Same as her Earth-616 counterpart.

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