Lady Deathstrike had a grudge on Wolverine about "dishonoring" her family years ago in Japan before joining Weapon X to be a Team X member in her desire to kill him at all costs.

She was among the Team X members glaring at the knocked-out Wolverine and Hulk. Then she was there watching Logan in a reprogram chamber saying to him that he would die. Deathstrike also witnessed Sabretooth scratching the Professor before they painfully tortured Wolverine until he got knocked out by him.

As Team X finally decided to kill Wolverine, she was with them fighting Wolverine, nearly killing him if not for Banner turned into the Hulk to save him and smash them all. During a brutal battle, she engaged the Hulk (who called her Ugly Girl) before he tore off her cybernetic arms and smashed her.[1]

It is unknown if she survived the explosion or was killed in the facility's destruction as she was never seen again.


Same as her Earth-616 counterpart.


Same as her Earth-616 counterpart.


With her cybernetic claws removed, she is vulnerable to attacks.


Cybernetic claws

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