Z'ien was an inhabitant of Mojoverse, who portrayed Howard the Duck in the scripted TV show produced by Mojo that was used to fill-in the stretches of Howard's life when little happened, since Mojo recorded Howard's life and broadcast it as a reality show, with Howard being its unwittingly protagonist and main attraction.

Z'ien (Mojoverse) from Howard the Duck Vol 6 9 001

Z'ien's Howard the Duck costume

The real Howard the Duck discovered Z'ien's existence, and that of both the scripted and the reality shows, when he was investigating Lea Thompson's blackouts, which happened as a consequence of Mojo abducting her occasionally to make her part of the TV show to portray Beverly Switzler and erased her memories each time after that.

When Mojo's henchmen attacked Howard and Lea, Z'ien did little to retrain them, to the point of even rescuing his co-start from the clutches of one of the monsters.[1]

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