Z'lyztayans were a race of humanoid reptiles. When their homeworld homeworld came under threat from a being called the Obliterator, four of their number fled the planet. Their ship passed through a wormhole and crash landed on the planet Earth near the town of Revelation, Arizona. The pilot, named Zed went mad and ventured out into the wilderness where he became a local legend known as the Howler. Yssa died in the crash while Quinn and M'rynda assumed human forms and lived quietly among the people of Revelation in the hopes of avoiding the Obliterator.[1]

However when the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic was conducting a series of space probes, it threatened to expose the Z'lyztayans deception. When the Z'lyztayan known as M'rynda attempted to sabotage the probe it only brought the Fantastic Four to Revelation to investigate. There the Human Torch had an encounter with the "Howler" and was attacked. However despite the fact that the Z'lyztayans attempted to stop the Obliterator from finding the Earth, they failed to do so.[2] Needing the Z'lyztayan lightship and with Zed being the only individual knowing it's location, the Fantastic Four assisted the Z'lyztayans in recovering Zed and restore his mind using their advanced technology. With is mind restored, Zed helped locate the ship which the Fantastic Four used to destroy the Obliterator's mothership ending its threat to the Earth.[1]

The Z'lyztayans presumably still live in the town of Revelation, however their current activities are unknown at this time.


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