The Z'Nox homeworld was a small world, the size of Pluto, which was turned into an interstellar vehicle by its inhabitants via the use of a gravity transformer drive that can transport the world to any place in the universe. This also gave it enough maneuverability to actually perform a tight u-turn in space without causing a catastrophic reaction on the planet's surface. The planet would be guided to a targeted world by a Z'nox starship sent ahead of it to act as a homing beacon. Once it was close enough to an Earth-sized world, it would upset the planet's gravity resulting in cataclysmic earthquakes and tidal waves. Any survivors that remained would be taken back to Z'nox as slaves.[1] The world was heavily defended, including an armada of starships firing energy beams and towers equipped with pulse cannons that fired energy bolts.[2][3]


The Z'Nox took their homeworld into Earth's Solar System and headed toward Earth. Once Professor Xavier used the combined warm and compassionate thoughts of the human race on the Z'Nox, they fled the Solar System.[1] Soon afterwards, the Fantastic Four and X-Men tracked down the Z'Nox homeworld. Mister Fantastic used its gravity transformer drive to send it into an empty dimension between the positive universe and the Negative Zone, fusing its gravity drive in the process.[2] Somehow the Z'Nox returned to the positive universe, as several decades later the Z'Nox hoemworld was invaded and conquered by the Shi'ar during the imperialistic wars of expansion of Emperor Vulcan.[3]


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