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Golden-Blade was originally a British fur trapper in Canada named Zacharaiah Seavey. He was crushed by an alien ship, crash-landing after battling Ultimo in space. The ship's owner, Sapper, was already working to perfect his cyborg technology, so he revived Zacharaiah as Golden-Blade, and the two partnered up to help save Sapper's people.[2]

He and Sapper crashed the festivities held on board the USS Constitution. They ran afoul of Ms. Marvel who repelled them.[3] Iron Man later heard of another fight between Ms. Marvel and Sapper and Golden Blade, and arrived to help Ms. Marvel where a miscalculation resulted in Sapper exploding.[4]

The S.S. Joseph C. Gillis came under attack by Sapper and Golden Blade. Iron Man managed to defeat them, but Sapper's energy-stealing plot managed to awaken Ultimo.[5] When Ultimo awakened and began to destroy the S.S. Joseph C. Gillis, Sapper and Golden-Blade assisted the crew in evacuating to the lifeboats. Iron Man traced Ultimo's origin to Sapper and learned that Sapper was reviving the Rajaks in mechanoid form. When Ultimo read Sapper's mind, he headed off to attack Sapper's hidden ship as Iron Man discovered that Ultimo's path would go through Spokane.[6] As Ultimo made his way towards Sapper's hidden ship, Iron Man worked with Sapper and Golden-Blade to fight Ultimo. With help from some codes and S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man defeated Ultimo as Sapper and Golden-Blade left Earth in their ship.[7]

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