Zach was an emerging young mutant in West Covina, California. Unable to control his abilities, he injured innocent people and damaged property. After being chased by a mob, Zach had to be rescued by Kitty Pryde and Iceman, who convinced him to return with them to New York City and join Xavier Institute's student body.[2]

School life quickly becomes more stifling than life on the run for Zachary however, soon after leaving school grounds and running into the mutant villain Daken. Who would tutor and abuse him on a regular basis in properly using his powers.[3]

Though Bobby initially had come in order to rescue him and bring Zach back to the Institute. Zach refused his teacher's designs, having weakened his former teachers powers to the point of negation before making his getaway on a helicopter.

Soon enough Daken and Zach returned to the X-Mansion, the former setting up a distraction using some fake Purifiers to attack the school. Drawing away the rest of the X-Men leaving Drake alone with his boyfriend, while the latter led the students into the Danger room and tampered with the control settings using his powers. With the five of them were alone, Daken initiated his ultimate plane, testing Zach's ability to control and differentiate the energies of the Death Seed inside him.[1]

While Iceman and Daken were killing each other, Zach went around the mansion after Daken left Judah half dead in order to initiate the seeds effects. But he's soon noticed by the arriving Michaela and Idie and runs for the basement while Michaela gives chase, the two fight for a bit which causes Zach to lose control over the death seed's energies which were slowly effecting him too. The two kids continued to fight, exchanging some until Michaela eventually came out on top, after which Daken escaped and Amp was left with a power dampener for his actions.[4]


Power Modulation: Zachary can control the energy output of anything within a certain radius of himself, be it electronic devices or other mutant's powers.[2] Initially he could only amplify the effective output of whomever or whatever was within his vicinity, but with proper guidance he eventually learned to steadily dilute power output as well.[3]

  • Amplification: Zach can vastly augment any mechanical appliance to the point of overload or bolster special abilities others possess beyond their control.[2]
  • Dilution: Under Daken's tutelage, Zach learned he could also whittle down effectiveness, for example, inducing Bobby's powers to short-circuit to the point where he couldn't even maintain his iced form.[3]
  • Transferal: With further practice and aid from some MGH, Amp found he could act as a power conduit for various power sources. Alternating different energies using himself as a breaker/crucible between himself and the power he's focusing on.[1]
  • Interfacing: Zach eventually found he could reach out and interact with any form of energy signature he focused on. Be it the energies of an Apocalypse seed or the control source of the X-Men's Danger Room.[4]


  • Mutant Growth Hormone: Zach used some MGH in order to bolster his abilities enough to get a rein on Daken's Death Seed energies.[5]

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