Zadkiel served as the head of security for Arcade at his Killiseum and served as the controlling force for the Spirits of Ignition as he could switch them off at will and tortured them when they did not race.[1]

The next night, even after Zadkiel warned him to be careful with Robbie Reyes, due to him being able to draw power from a different source from the rest of the other Ghost Racers, Arcade put his plan in motion. To destabilize Robbie emotionally, Arcade put a monster composed of his friends in the circuit, forcing Robbie to kill them. Later, Arcade sent his killer automaton, the Venus Compiler, to finish him off, but something unexpected happened: Robbie got out of Zadkiel's control, thanks to his Igniter Spirit Eli, and escaped the Killiseum. As Zadkiel wasn't able to detect Robbie's presence, a furious Arcade commanded him to send all the other Ghost Racers to hunt him down.[2]

Elias Morrow (Earth-15513) eats Zadkiel (Earth-15513)'s soul from Ghost Racers Vol 1 4

Zadkiel has his soul devoured by Eli

While the Ghost Racers confronted Robbie, Arcade had Gabe kidnapped to race in his brother's place, as well as to make Robbie return to the Killiseum,[3] and it worked. When Robbie returned to rescue his brother, Arcade commanded Zadkiel to make the Ghost Racers kill him and unleashed the Venus Compiler once more, but Robbie managed to free the Ghost Racers from Zadkiel's control, and they destroyed the automaton. Zadkiel captured Robbie's brother Gabe and attempted to kill him, but Robbie switched places with him and Eli consumed Zadkiel's soul, killing him.[4]


Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart.


Protective armor.

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