Zee Zee Ahmed was a mechanic. He was caught in the middle of the fight between the heroes that would become the Protectors and the Imperial Guard of Seknarf Seven, and became one of the numerous bystanders who were, together with the heroes, abducted by the Imperial Guard and teleported to their planet to be used as a food supply.

After Phalkan gave the humans six hours until they came to collect three of their numbers, the Protectors and the prisoners began to devise a plan to fight back.[1] Zee Zee, Arnie Kovac and Jake Oh began tinkering with a set of spears nailed to the ground that provided the floating piece of land with an atmosphere and gravity. They managed to meddle with the devices and take control of them, being able to turn on life support after Phalkan returned and threatened to turn it off completely unless he was given the offering. They also managed to disrupt the shielding that prevented Amadeus Cho from turning into the Hulk.[2]

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