Zail Haddad was the father of X-Men member Cerebra. He was a ruthless businessman who kidnapped the poor and infirm to dissect them for their parts or turn them into cyborg servants.[1]

When Doom opened Halo City to everyone and made Cerebra a high ranking official there, Zail chose to come to Halo City in hopes he would be offered asylum. One of his former cyborg servants Garth Simenon was gravely injured cleaning up a toxic waste site and many of his co-workers were killed. This activated Garth's mutant powers giving him the ability raise the dead as zombies. Swearing revenge on Zail he came to Halo City to try and kill him.[2]

Acting-governor Morphine Somers tried to trade Zail to the Graverobber in exchange for peace in Halo City. Zail was booby-trapped with a neural disruptor, however, and was caught in the backlash when Morphine triggered it, leaving him comatose.[3]

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