Zakaius was an Executioner for the Imperial Court and executed sinners from a variety of worlds. At one point he was charged with executing the sinner Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Leading to him arriving in Pittsburgh. Warlock was contacted by the soul of Firelord (Who Zakaius had previously executed) and told of Zakius and the team teleported to him. The Infinity Watch and Zakius fought which caused an explosion. Zakaius saw the Infinity Watch rescue innocents and decided that maybe not every one he executed had been sinners. Returning to his home planet with the watch, they fought his master's army of cyborgs. Then Domitian appeared and Zakaius had a momentary lapse of conscience and returned to his master, but then returned to watch when he found that his master was drawing the lifeforce of innocents. They then destroyed the machine that was powering him. Warlock encouraged Zakius to leave the planet and find his own path in the universe and not follow others on there path to enlightenment. [1]

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