Zakarii Ogada was raised in Oakland, California as the son of Reverend Andre Ogada, leader of the Soldiers of the Panther. Zak's parents frequently argued over their beliefs, as his mother was a practicing Thorite. When they separated, Zak remained with his father while his sister, Krystalin, apparently left with their mother.

Zak joined the Panthers as he grew older and, when his father died, Zak took over as leader of the organization. They faced trials due to a sect of techno-anarchists known as the Free Radicals who lived in the Berkley Hills. Shortly after Krys returned home for the reverend's funeral, Zak was kidnapped by Daze of the Radicals. After Krys tracked him down, the Radical named Trance threatened to hypnotize Zak into killing himself if Krystalin didn't break the Free Radicals' leader Billy Zedd out of jail.[1]

The Free Radicals refused to uphold their end of the bargain when Krystalin returned with Billy the Kid, keeping both Krys and Zak prisoner. The siblings managed to escape and drive the Free Radicals from their base, but were unable to capture the fringers. [2]

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