Zako was the leader of a band of pirates that terrorized the Atlantic coast in 1945. His crew included his girlfriend Cheo, and a crew of strong men. They robbed wealthy yacht parties, then forced the crew and passengers into life boats and stole the ship itself.

When news of this pirate's activities reached the mainland, reporter Betty Dean informed the Sub-Mariner, who sped to the yacht party of Van Telford, the next likely target. Namor was too late to stop Zako and his men from stealing the yacht and robbing its crew. When Namor attempted to capture Zako and his men, he was knocked out and left in the ocean.

Zako and his men then returned to their island hideout, and when Namor arrived on the island they sent Cheo to pretend to be in distress. Sure enough, Namor went to her aid and was knocked out. Zako and his men then attempted to rend Namor in two, but the hero broke free of his bonds. While Namor was fighting off Zako's men, Zako attempted to flee. Namor managed to catch up to Zako and capture him and bring him back to the island. There, Namor was surprised to find that Zako's gang had been subdued and tied up by a deaf and mute man that also shared the island with the pirates.[1]

Zako and his gang of pirates were then turned over to the authorities. Their subsequent fate is unknown.


Zako traveled by speed boat and whatever ships he stole.


Zako had access to automatic weapons.

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