Early Years

Like all the Elders of the Universe, the Zamanathan Rambunazeth's origin is lost in the early history of the universe. It is known that he is one of the oldest living beings in the universe. Like other Elders, he is the survivor of one of the intelligent races that evolved in one of the first galaxies to form after the “Big Bang”, the cataclysmic event in which the universe was created. Although his race became extinct and even his native galaxy died as the ages passed, the Zamanathan Rambunazeth, like the other Elders, lived on, having become virtually immortal. As the relatively few survivors of the earliest period of the universe, the Elders regarded themselves as figuratively being brothers.


The Explorer was arguing over the possession "cosmic fetus", under the care of the Caregiver. Each of the Elder's made their case to the Judicator for the right to claim the fetus.[1] The fetus was later revealed to be that of the cosmic entity known as Origin. Quasar traveled to Origin to find his Quantum Bands, when he was effected by the Ultimate Nullifier. When Quasar revealed the identity of the fetus the Explorer teleported away.[2]

Contest of Champions

The Explorer took part in a contest of champions between the Elders of the Universe to decide who would keep the Iso-8 that was now abundant after the rebirth of the multiverse, his champions lost and he was eliminated from the contest.[3]


The Explorer's powers are unknown if he has any at all. He is immortal and is immune to aging and terrestrial diseases.

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