Zamboula was a Turan-controlled city[1] in the Kharamun Desert,[citation needed] during the Hyborian Age.


Red Sonja and Zula took Nafertari to Zamboula, where she seduced Jungir Khan, the city's satrap. After meeting Conan, Nafertari desired to journey to Vendhya and departed Zamboula.[2]


The lower classes of Zamboula worshiped Hanuman[1] in a disgusting cult. The upper classes considered Hanuman an abomination, but possibly more due to social prejudice and racial fears than based on authentic moral indignation.

A pagan sect had the black mute eunuch Strabo strangle children for holy sacrifice.[3] While the cult nor its deities aren't mentioned by name, this fits the worship of Yajur, the god of Kosala.



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