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Zandow was the strong-man in Fritz Tiboldt's Circus in the 1940s. When the group was hired by the Nazi party to tour the United States and eliminate key military officials, Zandow was loyal to the cause. When government agent Betsy Ross witnessed the murder of Commissioner Newsome, Zandow and other circus members would attempt to capture her.

Captain America and Bucky tried to stop them, however Zandow would knock Cap and Bucky out and make off with Ross. Later, Captain America again came to Betsy's rescue, beating the strong-man in combat, and smashing the operations of the circus.[1]

Zandow's subsequent fate remains unrevealed, however as Fritz Tibolt would return to Germany and resume his circus, it is possible that Zandow resumed working for Tibolt. As such, it is noteworthy to mention that Tibolt was later murdered by Nazis who had evaded capture in retribution of his failure,[2] so it is possible that Zandow may have met the same fate.

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