Zane Whelan was a Hollywood movie star and musician. For unknown reasons, he had run afoul of Mysterio, who attempted to eliminate Whelan. [1] Whelan had crafted an image of himself as a rebellious marijuana user, causing Sam Exmore, an intern at the Daily Planet to emulate Whelan by using marijuana. At one point, Exmore had nearly killed himself by driving a vehicle while high, but was saved by Spiderman. Spiderman was aghast that Exmore put more effort into saving his marijuana pipe than saving himself from plunging over a bridge into the water, or expressing gratitude that Spiderman did him a big favor. Exmore claimed his use of drugs is a social thing that is none of Spiderman's or anyone else's business, only for Spiderman to chastize Exmore that he nearly got himself killed, over a "social thing?" As part of his duties for the Daily Bugle, Sam Exmore was made to report on a music video made by Zane Whelan called Fast Lane. During shooting, Whelan, while high, fell off a building under construction, but was saved by a safety harness. A fellow intern remarked how Exmore's real-life plunge was a far cry from Whelan's staged stunt.

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