Zane Whelan was a Hollywood movie star and musician. For unknown reasons, he had run afoul of Mysterio, who attempted to eliminate Whelan. [1] Whelan had crafted an image of himself as a rebellious marijuana user, causing Sam Exmore, an intern at the Daily Planet to emulate Whelan by using marijuana. At one point, Exmore had nearly killed himself by driving a vehicle while high, but was saved by Spiderman. Spiderman was aghast that Exmore put more effort into saving his marijuana pipe than saving himself from plunging over a bridge into the water, or expressing gratitude that Spiderman did him a big favor. Exmore claimed his use of drugs is a social thing that is none of Spiderman's or anyone else's business, only for Spiderman to chastize Exmore that he nearly got himself killed, over a "social thing?" As part of his duties for the Daily Bugle, Sam Exmore was made to report on a music video made by Zane Whelan called Fast Lane. During shooting, Whelan, while high, fell off a building under construction, but was saved by a safety harness. A fellow intern remarked how Exmore's real-life plunge was a far cry from Whelan's staged stunt. When shooting wrapped, Whelan shouted that the crew was incompetent and "his grandmother could have done a better job". Sam Exmore attempted to get an interview; however when he walked into Zane's trailer he found a sober, relaxed individual who was talking with his agent. Zane's agent said "Nice touch with the tantrum, Zane", and Whelan remarked that he should be "quirky and rebellious, like his fans expect him to be". Unbeknowst to Zane, Sam Exmore overheard this, and angrily remarked to both Zane and his agent that he would expose this sham. Exmore returned to the Daily Planet full of indignation of what he saw backstage. However, when he drove by a billboard featuring Zane Whelan with his public, drug-using, rebellious image and his arm around a pretty girl; Sam said what really mattered about marijuana was the public image is gave, and the concept of himself in a similar scenario as the public Zane Whelan decided him against seeking medical aid and/or professional help for his marijuana addiction. When Spider-Man fought Mysterio, Sam Exmore was caught in the crossfire and wounded. When hospitalized, he was visited by Zane Whelan, who was not dressed in the rebel attire of his music video, but an ordinary shirt and slacks. Whelan felt responsible for Sam's hospitalization and gave the go-ahead for the Daily Bugle to expose the fakery of glamorizing drugs as opposed to the real world harm that befalls many users, and said he would eschew scripts that glamorize substance abuse.

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