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Warren Worthington III went to Zanzibar to introduce his Mutantes Sans Frontières program there. Meanwhile, Courtney Ross who was White Queen of the Hellfire Club at the time, sent Viper and the Weaponeers to secure the island as part of Ross' plan to conquer Genosha. Violent adventures ensued.[1]



  • While treated as its own country in the comic book, Zanzibar is actually a semi-autonomous province of Tanzania.
  • Zanzibar criminalized gay and lesbian sex in 2004 . In September 2006, a radical Islamic group on the archipelago, Uamsho, forced organizers to abandon plans to mark the 60th birthday of the late Freddie Mercury (born Farouk Bulsara into the Parsi community of Stone Town, who reached fame as the lead singer of the rock group Queen), saying he violated Islam with his openly bisexual lifestyle.

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