Prince Zapayo da Kova was a Zingaran adventurer.[1]

Argos/Stygian war

Argos and Stygia went at war. Koth became embroiled in the conflict, and the Kothians urged that both them and Argos launch a simultaneous invasion of Stygia.

Argos consequently raised an army of mercenaries (including Amalric of Aquilonia and Conan of Cimmeria).[2] Zapayo da Kova was the admiral of the invading fleet assembled by Argos to attack Stygia.

The Phoenix, carried a cargo of gold to pay the troops, but was lost from the fleet in a storm, somewhere south of the Isle of the Black Ones.[1]

Zapayo's fleet met the Stygian Fleet, defeated it and drove it back into Khemi. Instead of landing, looting the city and advancing along the River Styx, Zapayo cautiously cruised the fleet southward to the coasts of Kush. The ships anchored and the army pushed eastwards along the Stygian frontier, burning and pillaging on his course. The plan was to turn northward to strike the heart of Stygia and join with the Kothic army pushing southward, but Koth concluded a separate peace with Stygia, and the Stygian Army was free to annihilate Argos' mercenary army.[2]


Few of the mercenary host survived, including Conan and Amalric.[2] The Phoenix-Trove became as fabled as the Talons of Dagon or the Treasure of Tranicos.[1]

Zapayo da Kova was described as a cautious man.[2]

The crest of Prince Zapayo da Kova was a Hawk Emblem.[1]

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