Zar the Wizard lived in the Land of Fairies in the potentially imaginary realm of Nowhere. When King Ra ordered Jimmy Jupiter to be brought to his realm, Zar the Wizard sought to capture the boy himself. Sending his eagle to grab the boy as he was flown into the kingdom by a blue fairy, he tossed the boy in his dungeon to be fatted up and eaten at a later date.

However, Jimmy and his new found friend Knobby the Marionette broke free and attempted to escape. Using his magic to freeze Jimmy and Knobby dead in their tracks Zar then decided to eat the boy then and there. Despite the spell, Jimmy was able to kick pepper into Zar's face putting him into a sneezing fit, breaking the spell he had on the two. Unable to let Zar suffer with his sneezing fit, Jimmy tried to fix the problem by dousing Zar with water. This washed away the pepper, but Jimmy also discovered that water was Zar's weakness as it stripped him of his power and shrank him down in size. With Zar now powerless, Jimmy was able to escape his castle.[1]

His subsequent activities are unrecorded.


Zar was a powerful wizard of undefined power. He only exhibited the ability to freeze people at a command.


Zar could be brought to sneezing fits by pepper, this sort of distraction caused his spells to break. His major weakness was water which not only stripped him of his magical powers, but caused him to shrink down to small size. If this condition is reversible or not is unspecified.

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