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Zara of the Jungle (Earth-616) from Mystic Comics Vol 1 2 0001

"In the heart of the jungle, two savage tribes were engaged in a fierce battle. The casualties on both sides were many, and it appeared the slaughter would continue until the last man fell."

Meanwhile, Captain Jeff Graves, "commissioner of the territory," insisted that he must try to stop the war, saying that it was his duty. Graves ventured out into the jungle; when he was attacked by a lion, Graves gunned the beast down. Graves made it into a village, but found only dead natives. More suspiciously, he found a spent cartridge. While he was puzzling out the cartridge's presence, "an amazing figure leaps into view."

It was the protector of the jungle, Zara, with a bow and quiver looped over her back. Captain Graves, understandably curious asked about her background. Zara said, "My father tired of crime-ridden civilization - brought me here when I was a child. My mother had died. He reared me. He taught me to live in the wilderness with no help from anyone. Then just before he died, he said Zara, this jungle is your home. Never let cruelty or crime flourish in it." Zara then warned Graves to turn back, but Graves presses on anyway.

The natives attacked him, but he grabbed a spear and fought them off. "Astounded by the white man who fought like a tiger - the natives fled in terror." Captain Graves followed the fleeing natives, but walked into a pit trap. He was tied up and taken to the leader of the natives, a white man named "Bwana Gambo." Gombo had caused the war between the tribes so that he and his "boys" could take over when they are weakened enough. Gombo had Graves tied up and gave one of his "boys" a rifle to shoot at Graves. Gombo said, "Take good aim, boy, strike the prisoner's heart. Now--fire!" Zara killed the gun-wielding native with an arrow, then freed Jeff Graves with another one. Gambo was about to gun down Graves when Zara leapt from the trees and grabbed the gun. Gombo drew a pistol, but Graves punched him out. Graves turned Gombo over to a native chief.[2]

Later, Graves stopped a slave trade. Zara saved Graves from a python, from a slaver patrol, and from being marched into slavery.[3] Her subsequent activities are unknown.


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Zara has been trained to survive and flourish in the African jungles. She is a tremendous athlete and fighter as well as an exceptional archer.



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