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Zarathustra was raised from childhood to be an assassin for Lord Mose. She first encountered the Fantastic Force while stealing the Omnivirus for her master.[1]

On a separate mission, Zarathustra was captured and unable to teleport back to Haven. Because of the mental blocks installed in all Havenites, she did not remember Haven's physical location, and could only wait until Lord Moses sought to retrieve her before returning.[2]

After securing her own release, Zarathustra came to appreciate the people of the outside world, and began to live among them.[3]


During the course of Fantastic Force, a reported named Paul Alvarez came to believe the hero Huntara was his long-lost sister, Mary Elizabeth Alvarez, who was kidnapped in front of him as a child. By the end of the series, however, it seemed Zarathustra was actually Mary Elizabeth. Paul's flashback memory showed a figure resembling Lord Moses stealing his sister. Also, shortly after Paul mentioned an old saying of his grandmother's, Zarathustra was heard remembering the same phrase. Still, the matter was unresolved when the series was cancelled.

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