The history of Zarda Shelton of Earth-1121 is almost identical to that of her Earth-712 counterpart, with some minor differences. As opposed to her Earth-712 counterpart usually interacting with heroes from Earth-616, Zarda-1121 would regularly interact with heroes from Earth-9997, and fall in love with the doppelganger Hyperion from that reality.

She would remain a member of the Squadron Supreme until modern times when the governments of the world would decide to drop a nuclear bomb on the group. The resulting blast would kill all of the members of the Squadron with the exception of Hyperion.

Zarda's soul would end up in the Realm of the Dead and would eventually be brought to Mar-Vel's Paradise. Here she would aid the gathered super-humans in defending Paradise from an invading army of Kree warriors. In the battles aftermath she would be reunited with both Hyperion-9997 and the recently deceased Hyperion-1121. Despite the apparently unfounded claims that Hyperion-9997 was a pawn of the Elders of the Universe to recreate their own universe destroyed eons ago by the Celestials, she would still love Hyperion-9997 over Hyperion-1121.

When faced with telling Hyperion-1121 the truth, all she could do was apologize. Her current fate remains unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Zarda Shelton of Earth-712.


Seemingly those of Zarda Shelton of Earth-712.

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